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Unlocking Potential: APT Medical’s March™ 6.5F Guiding Catheter Expands Horizons in Coronary Interventions

As the demand for larger guiding catheters increases due to the prevalence of complex percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) and chronic total occlusions (CTO), APT Medical introduces the March™ 6.5F Guiding Catheter. Designed to provide a solution for radial artery approaches, this coronary catheter offers a larger inner lumen, enabling compatibility with a broader range of devices. Let’s explore the features and benefits of the March™ 6.5F Guiding Catheter and how it enhances procedural capabilities.

A Versatile Solution for Radial Artery Approach

The coronary catheter offers a valuable alternative for coronary interventions via the radial artery. While a 7F introducer sheath and guiding catheter are typically recommended for femoral artery approaches, this innovative catheter provides an opportunity to perform procedures with a larger guiding catheter inner lumen through the radial artery.

Enhanced Compatibility with Larger Devices

With an inner diameter of 0.075″, the March™ 6.5F Guiding Catheter surpasses the 0.071″ inner diameter of traditional 6F guiding catheters. This additional lumen space of the 6.5F March™ catheter enables compatibility with more extensive devices for Complex PCI and CTO procedures, expanding the range of treatment options available to medical professionals.


By offering a versatile solution for radial artery approaches and a larger inner lumen, this March™ guiding catheter expands possibilities for complex PCI and CTO procedures. APT Medical’s commitment to innovation and patient-centred design continues to revolutionize the landscape of cardiac interventions, ensuring improved outcomes and enhanced procedural capabilities. The March™ 6.5F Guiding Catheter, provids medical professionals with a valuable and handy tool for pursuing excellence in interventional cardiology.

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