The UK is moving to electric cars

The government has set out plans to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030 as part of its green agenda. While these plans have come under fire from the Public Accounts Committee for being unacceptably vague, the direction of travel is clear: sooner or later, the UK will be a nation where electric cars are driven, and traditional internal-combustion-engine powered cars are not.

Preparing for the Shift

You will need to make a decision if you plan on investing in a new car within the next decade. Either you invest in an electric vehicle to get ahead or you keep your petrol-powered car.

There are several factors you should consider. You might notice a shift towards electric cars in the future. Then, the availability of traditional filling station may begin to decline. You’ll be able to handle an electric car now and it will be easier later when the infrastructure for charging is better. Downtown Electrical can help you plan for the future so that you know how to expand your electric vehicle charging project.

Is it possible to sell your car?

It is possible to wonder what the ban on diesel and petrol cars will mean for owners. Good news is that secondhand sales won’t be affected. If they were, then the ban would have a major impact on the environment. You’ll be able sell your car and still be eligible to purchase petrol and diesel cars on second-hand markets. The ban on new car sales could lead to an increase in demand for used cars, which could cause prices to rise in the short-term. It’s not possible to predict when is the best time to sell.

Hybrid cars won’t be banned in 2030, but they will in 2035 five years later. They might be an acceptable compromise for some drivers in this transition period.

You might have difficulty keeping your classic car fueled – or the high cost of clean-air zones. These vehicles are still a popular investment and there is no plan to take them off the roads. However, we should not forget that it’s impossible to predict what future government actions might take and that electric vehicles are safer in the long-term.

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