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Sunpower New Energy: The Art of Lithium Battery Manufacture

Welcome to the fantastic world of Sunpower New Energy, where innovation meets sustainability in the art of lithium battery manufacture! Watch them as they showcase their unrivaled expertise in crafting lithium batteries and prepare to be amazed.

Mastering Diverse Battery Types

Sunpower’s prowess in lithium battery manufacture extends to a wide range of battery types. From ternary lithium batteries to LFP batteries and even groundbreaking sodium-ion batteries, the brand’s production capabilities cover the spectrum of energy solutions. With a focus on research and development, Sunpower ensures that each battery type is engineered for optimal performance and efficiency.

Research and Development

Lithium battery manufacturer Sunpower New Energy is home to various R&D facilities and personnel. The Jiangsu Sunpower Competitiveness Lab, accompanied by 16 doctors and 86 technical researchers, serves as a hub for research and development. The lab focuses on the industrialization and application of cutting-edge technologies, continuously refining product technology to cater to customer requirements and ensuring sustained competitiveness in the market. Sunpower’s commitment to advancement extends to their Changhong North America New Energy R&D Center QUBE, where 10 doctors and 38 technical researchers are dedicated to tracking, researching, and promoting international advancements in lithium battery technology.


Sunpower New Energy excels in lithium battery manufacture through their mastery of diverse battery types and their strong emphasis on research and development. Their comprehensive production capabilities and dedicated team of experts ensure optimal performance and efficiency. Sunpower New Energy is paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. Should you be in need of a long-term partner, you will always find one in Sunpower New Energy.

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