physician Massage Gun- For Muscle Improvement

The body often requires help to recover from long periods of exertion. While trainers can use a variety of technologies to aid athletes recovering from intense exercise, such as cold tub therapy or Normatec boots to do so, Accel. The physion massage gun can be used to calm and relieve stress.


Some specifications of physician massage guns are simply unmatched. Take a look at these specifications.

30 Speeds (Up To 5,000 Strokes/Min

Ultra-Quiet Motor Technology

Ultra lightweight (less than 2.5kg)

Battery life up to 8 hours

Extended Handle for More Reach

What do they do?

These massages are designed to help you recover from muscle pain. This style of deep tissue massage uses quick percussive movements to stimulate the muscles, increase blood flow and ease knots. These massages are great for cooling off after a workout or warming up. They also feel fantastic because they target all the pressure points that increase endorphin release. They can be used to provide short relief for problematic areas.

What’s the best way to use it?

A massage gun is the best way to increase blood circulation and prepare your body for action,” Giordano says.

The advantages of the physion massage gun

Accel uses percussion therapy primarily to increase athletic performance and heal. The physion massage gun has many other benefits.

Relaxing tension and fluid deep within the muscles reduces stress and increases tissue metabolism.

The Physion massage gun increases blood flow and lymphatic circulation, which allows for more nutrients and oxygen to reach muscles.

It encourages the “wake-up” of atrophied muscle, which allows for faster recovery and greater flexibility.

The body releases lactic acid that has built up, which is often due to strenuous exercise.

It is believed to improve mobility by stimulating nerve receptors that produce vasodilatation of the skin and muscles.

You can loosen scar tissue, reduce stiffness, and tighten your skin by massaging the strands of elastin deeply.

Increase mobility by reducing strains, fractures and making the joints more elastic.

It improves overall health.


A massager gun can be used whenever you feel it is most comfortable for you and your muscles tension. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is it worth the money to buy massage guns?

Massage guns have many benefits that make them worth the investment. Massage guns promote blood flow, reduce muscle soreness, increase range of motion, and make people feel better.

What are the most sensitive areas for massage guns in

The massage cannon targets muscles, not nerves or bones, joints, or tendon. Although it might seem obvious, doctors recommend that you avoid scabs and sores, malignant tumours, and recent fractures. It is also a bad idea to use the massage gun on any part of your body that is numb.

Can massage guns help with weight loss?

You can treat muscular tightness and knots by using a massage gun to target the hunting spot. This allows lymphatic system to flow freely. A better lymphatic system results in a higher metabolism. Your metabolism will increase, which means that your muscles will burn more calories.

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How long should I massage a gun for?

It is recommended to use it for no more than 15 seconds, and no more than 2 minutes per muscle group depending on the effect you desire. A complete-body workout should not last more than 15 minutes. You should treat yourself at least twice daily. To stimulate your muscles and “wake up”, float your physion massager for as long as 30 seconds prior to any movement or activity.

To reactivate your muscles, use a massage gun to apply 10-15 seconds to each muscle group. You will feel energized and keep your muscles active while reducing muscle spasms. To help muscles recover, reduce soreness and provide pain relief immediately after a workout, it is recommended to use this for up to 2 minutes.

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