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How can I gain more followers?

It’s natural to desire more followers. More followers will increase interaction on your profile and encourage more activity. Additionally, more followers will result in more sales.

Your Instagram account should be yours and you can make it your own. Followers have chosen to follow your Instagram because they like what you do. We will discuss the most common points for getting new followers, as well as how to stay connected with your existing ones.


You must share great videos and photos – it is a given that they should be unique and exactly how you want them to be. You can also think about the image and your editing style. This will make your posts more recognizable and give you a personal touch to your profile. Always apply the same filter on your images. Use the same frame, el. lign.

This will give you a better idea of your overall feed and how it looks. You can also let your profile reflect more of who you are by making sure that the profile features the most important things about you. Eg. If you’re a foodie, the images of food can dominate. Fashion-related images, such as outfits, can be subverted. Your followers will be able to see the benefits of following you when you dominate.

It is possible to have multiple “main interests”, but it is important to be clear. Good lighting is the best way to capture images. If you are looking for more followers, you should visit our sociallygo sites.


It is important to share stories and pictures in order to stay in the minds of your followers.

You can post as often or little as you like, but research shows that it is impossible to post enough. Your commitment to your posts will not drop despite frequent posting. The most important thing is to choose how many posts you want. Stick to your schedule. This will ensure that your followers know what you expect.

We recommend that you post at least 1 image per day, and at most 2 stories per day if you want to keep your followers interested in your feed.

Your time is also important. If you post a photo at 6 AM and your followers are asleep or not on their phones at that time, it will disappear from your feed. You can try harder to determine when your photos receive the most responses. The general guidelines are to post in the morning, before people go to work and in the afternoon. These times are approximately. These times are approximate.


Only the first 125 characters that you are certain will appear below your picture. The rest will be hidden on smaller screens and will require active participation from your followers to read. The text should be concise and put the most important information first.

You can use it to e.g. It could be used in the event of a discount code. Similar, please mention it first. You can also use the text to personalize and think about uniformity. Do you prefer English or Danish for your profile? Pick one language and stick with it. Are you a regular user of emojis and quotes? Stick to the style you choose for your lyrics.


Maximum 9 hashtags per. Image, maximum 24 characters. #hashtag – This could lead to a whole guide, but we need to keep it short. It’s a great way for your photos to be more engaged, but it’s a skill to choose the right hashtags. Use relevant hashtags, and be creative. Otherwise your photos will disappear from the crowd.

It is also important to vary which hashtags you use. You can also create your own hashtags, e.g. #Mariesfavorites or any other hashtag that makes sense for you and your product.

Take people

When you’re with them, or want to mention them, tag relevant Instagrammers in your photos and your texts. Tags make your posts more personal and encourage others to tag you.

Be active

Social media requires that you be active on social media. Your activity level can make a difference in how many people engage with your profile. Remember to like and comment on others’ photos, as well as follow other peoples’ profiles. Actively engaging on the profiles of others increases their likelihood of taking a look at your profile.

Dialog with your followers

Socializing is all about being with your followers. Engage with your followers and show an interest in them. Get Instagram followers Australia Stickers make it simple to post questions and polls in your stories. You can use them to ask your followers everyday things, or better yet, what they want more of.

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