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DL-30W-MAS LED Street Light Driver: Unleashing Efficiency and Versatility

The use of LEDs in outdoor lighting applications, such as street lighting, landscape lighting, and architectural illumination, has gained significant popularity due to their energy efficiency, longevity, and versatility. To ensure the optimal performance of LED street lights, a reliable and efficient LED street light driver is crucial. Done Power, a renowned leader in LED driver manufacturing, has developed the DL-30W-MAS LED street light driver, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance outdoor lighting efficiency and reliability.

Surge Protector for LED Lights and Robust Power Supply

The DL-30W-MAS LED street light driver by Done Power is equipped with a surge protector, providing reliable protection for LED lights against voltage spikes and fluctuations. This advanced feature ensures the longevity and durability of the LED lights, minimizing the risk of damage caused by power surges. Moreover, the DL-30W-MAS offers a robust power supply, delivering stable and consistent power output to LED street lights, maintaining their optimal performance over an extended period.

High Efficiency and Energy Savings

Efficiency is a key factor in outdoor lighting, especially for street lighting installations that operate for extended periods. Done Power’s DL-30W-MAS LED street light driver is designed with high-efficiency levels, maximizing energy conversion and minimizing power consumption. The high efficiency of this LED street light driver translates into significant energy savings, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. By utilizing the DL-30W-MAS, businesses can achieve efficient and sustainable outdoor lighting solutions.


Done Power’s DL-30W-MAS LED street light driver is a powerful solution for enhancing outdoor lighting efficiency and versatility. With its surge protector for LED lights, this LED driver ensures reliable protection against voltage spikes, safeguarding the longevity and performance of LED street lights. The high-efficiency levels of the DL-30W-MAS contribute to significant energy savings and reduced operational costs. Additionally, the dual-mode selection feature provides flexibility and adaptability, allowing users to seamlessly integrate the LED driver into various street lighting installations. By choosing Done Power’s DL-30W-MAS LED street light driver, businesses can unlock the full potential of their outdoor lighting projects, achieving optimal efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.

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