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Light Sky’s Cutting-Edge Moving Head DJ Lights

Lunar Beam, a cutting-edge moving head DJ light that revolutionizes the world of DJ lighting. Designed with precision and innovation, the Lunar Beam offers exceptional performance and stunning lighting effects. With its advanced features and durable design, this moving head DJ light is the perfect choice for DJs who want to take their performances to the next level. Experience the brilliance of Light Sky’s moving head DJ lights with the Lunar Beam.

Powerful Lighting Effects and Versatile Functions

The Lunar Beam moving head DJ light delivers powerful lighting effects that will transform your DJ sets. With its cutting-edge technology and high-quality components, this light produces mesmerizing illumination and captivating visual effects. The Lunar Beam also offers versatile functions such as built-in long-life battery with IP address connectivity, USB intelligent upgrade system for software updates, and remote control lamp switch. These additional features enhance the flexibility and convenience of the Lunar Beam, allowing you to create dynamic and engaging lighting designs.

Safety and Durable Design

Light Sky‘s Lunar Beam is designed with safety and durability in mind. The DJ light features a built-in over-current and overheat protection system, which automatically interrupts the lamp power in case of heating or cooling system failure. The cooling system of the Lunar Beam adopts an axial flow fan that intelligently adjusts its speed and dissipates heat based on the environment. The light’s appearance parameters include an IP20 protection rating, anti-aging and anti-fire plastic cover, and high-strength alloy cold pressing molding core material. These design elements ensure the safety and longevity of the Lunar Beam, making it a reliable choice for DJs.


Light Sky’s Lunar Beam moving head DJ lights are a game-changer in the world of DJ lighting. With their powerful lighting effects, versatile functions, and safety features, these lights elevate your DJ experience to new heights. The Lunar Beam’s advanced technology and high-quality components deliver mesmerizing illumination and stunning visual effects that will captivate your audience. The additional functions, such as the built-in long-life battery and USB upgrade system, provide convenience and flexibility. With its durable design and safety features, including over-current and overheat protection, the Lunar Beam ensures a reliable performance every time.

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