iPad Repair Service With My Celcare JLT

iPads come in different sizes and technical specifications. They can be used for many purposes, including web browsing, voice calling and sending emails. It is used extensively for academic purposes.

The iPad Pro is easy to transport anywhere, even if it causes accidental damage. Without the assurance of expert knowledge, we cannot trust any service center. My Celcare JLT can provide iPad Repairs in Dubai.

My Celcare is providing dedicated and dedicated service with a rich history of twenty years. We are a superior iPad Pro service facility because of the availability of skilled and slick professionals at our Dubai service center.


1 iPad Pro Screen Repair: There are some chances that your iPad’s screen has been damaged accidentally. Repairing a broken screen on an iPad can be very costly.

The iPad Pro display has been designed differently for the new generation. Older iPads had glass and digitizers for touch sensitivity, assembly and separate LCDs. The new iPad Pro features a fused display.

Displays made of glass, OLED or LCD, as well as digitizers, look very similar to the iPad.

Broken screens are one of the most common reasons for visiting a repair shop. We have all necessary inventory to repair or replace them. My Celcare offers the ability to repair damaged screens. A non-apple repair shop can increase the damage. We provide the repair facility with high quality, care, concern. We provide transparent pricing. You might have heard that iPad Pro repair can be quite costly. We are iPad Pro repair professionals.

2 iPad Pro battery replacement: Unfortunately, the wrong charger or excessive charging can cause your device to die. It is a problem if the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. If your iPad stops working after a full charge, that means it is time to replace the battery.

Sometimes, the iPad battery becomes swollen and puts pressure on the screen. This can cause pressure marks. It can cause cracks in the screen if it isn’t replaced promptly. This will double the damage. Most often, the battery will be returned within 20 minutes.

There is also a battery replacement option that includes operational services. My Celcare JLT offers battery replacement at an affordable price. We offer fast and efficient service.

3) iPad Pro Keyboard Repair: iPad Pro keyboard (9.7-12.9 inches) can be easily repaired or replaced at My Celcare JLT. There are some issues that the keyboard might have.

Our center can fix it. Problems with keyboards can be caused by sensors or magnetic connectors, key sticking or repetition, or problems with a data connection. These services are all available.

4) Speaker Repair We offer valuable service to fix this problem.

5) Camera Repair The iPad Pro camera is inoperable without a camera. This is nerve-wracking and we will fix it.

Unlocking: Sometimes, the mobile gets locked by children. We find the solution quickly for our valued customers.

7) Software installation and data recovery: As we are familiar with the latest apps, we offer software installation and bug fixing.

8) Diagnostic services: Sometimes the iPad Pro works by itself. We don’t know why, but we find it.

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