How to Choose a Great Made-to-Measure Manufacturer? Design Your Own Clothes

As a fashion designer, you’re always searching for the most efficient method to get your pieces to your clients. The proper apparel wholesale maker can make this process go more smoothly. With so many businesses vying for your company, it’s critical to do your research before deciding on one. Here are a few expert suggestions and tricks to help you discover the perfect made-to-measure manufacturer

The Name of Your Made-to-Measure Manufacturer

The name of your supplier is important. Your maker should stick out from the crowd. This indicates that their product quality, production techniques, and customer support are all above average. If a business fails to satisfy your requirements, keep looking until you find one that does.

While you may be tempted to go with the newest wholesale provider on the block, you would be prudent to go with one with a bit more expertise. A wholesaler’s knowledge of their products and understanding of how things function improves with time. A seasoned firm has spent years developing positive connections with merchants, which is a useful resource.

Don’t Compromise Quantity for Cost

Before choosing a wholesaler, make sure that you ask about returns and damaged goods. If you receive defected clothing, it shouldn’t come off your bottom line. A good wholesaler is willing to compensate you or replace the item, ensuring that damaged goods don’t eat into your profits.

Don’t choose a wholesaler strictly based on price. While you do want to produce large quantities of clothing for a decent price, you shouldn’t compromise quantity for cost. Compare different clothing samples with prices before deciding on a wholesale manufacturer to handle your business.


While there are many made-to-measure retailers, it’s important to find the right company to produce your beautiful designs. Kutetailor has built the world’s largest MTM advanced custom smart factory after having been kept in exploration for 12 years. Use our original made-to-measure platfrom for better brand experiences, our platfrom supports different business models.

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